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What would be my next move??

Okay guys for the past few years I have been having random episodes of neasusa and diarrhea. When I had this I would make the motions of throwing up but never would. So I just left it alone not thinking it was anything major.

In July it came again but it was far worse. Anything I would eat I would vomit. When my stomach would be empty I would continue to vomit bile. After 2 days I went to the hospital and was on IV fluids. They told me that it was gastro related and they couldn't do anything for me. At the time my job was being impossible about me taking off for a doctors appointment so I never went to my doctor for a follow up.

I had another episode in September that was worse but I was far too busy to do anything about it. Finally 2 weeks ago it happened again and so I called my doctor and finally set up an appointment. By the time my appointment came around the episode was over and I was back to normal. I still took a ton of blood tests and stool tests. All came back normal. She wrote me a prescription for some nausea pills and have a follow up on monday. My question is would my results be normal when I am not having an episode? I am afraid that my doctor will just say it's nausea and pretty much give me medicine to mask the symptoms. Is there any tests I should demand be done? If you were in my shoes what would you do next? Thanks so much guys!

Lady Organic

Staff member
You could ask for a stool test (calprotectine) when you have a next Diarrhea episode.
For the stomach issues, I would first try lifestyle changes if not already done, such as losing weight if overweight, healthy diet, decreasing stress, etc... You mention stress is high in your life to the point that several times, you couldnt go to the dr when you were very sick because of your work... Stress does have an impact on digestive track. 2 of my friends get Diarrhea, cramps and one sometimes nausea when very stressed.
Dyspepsia is a common condition and lifestyle changes could maybe help.