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Whats next?

I saw the Dr yesterday about my joint pain he is testing me for lupus,RA, and arthritis and if the tests ate negative then they are going to contribute my joint pain to the remicade infusions. Does anyone have any idea what other treatments are next for Crohn's? I am beginning to have symptoms again including the embarrassment of leaking overnight. :stinks:
What have you been on before? There are three other biologicals approved, there are local steroids like Entocort, there are immunosuppressants, and there is prednisone. A few other drugs are in the pipeline, and combos are possible also.
I have been on imuran (can't take it) and I have been on prednisone for the last 2 months. I have gained 15 pounds in those 2 months and have been bruising like crazy. I even have bruises on the back of my hands from putting them in my pockets and my ankles from a pair of socks.
The side effects of prednisone really aren't all that fun - moon face, manic states, weight gain, mood swings, bruising, thrush - what's not to like! If Remicade has stopped being as effective, the next two options are probably Cimzia and Humira. Because both take a bit of time to build to effectiveness, you are probably stuck on the pred for a bit either way. They can both have side effects, but generally not as severe as long term pred use. Best of luck through the tough times.