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What's that in my underwear?!

Okay so as per usual this is a tmi thing but I NEED TO KNOW who else experiences this and if they know what it is.

I have been having soft/sticky bms lately (flare is coming on) but even before that when they seemed solid, I would wipe and wipe and wipe and wipe and use wet wipes. And then maybe a few minutes or an hour later feel itchy and not have gone to the bathroom and guess what... More stuff is there when wiping! The other day I actually ended up with streaks 😫 and I use wet wipes and am probably over zealous with the wiping to the point that there are either irritated spots that are bleeding or hemorrhoids.

What the fudge is going on? I don't know if I would call it anal leakage or something else. Please tell me I am not the only one dealing with this.

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I too am in a bit of a flare, enough so that I'm having accidents at work. In times past, I've talked to my GI about not seeming to be able to fully get clean after a moment and he told me that this is normal along with not to be worried. Yes, my anal area gets pretty sore and irritated too when I'm in a flare, but it'll get better as the flare calms down. Do you have any diaper cream or lube that you could put in that spot? It won't totally heal it, but might make things a little more comfortable for you. The only other thing I would suggest is to contact your GI and let them know what's happening. Hope this helps some.
Hi jbag125
I have a problem with sticky bm and like you I end up with blood on toilet roll but I itch as well and it makes me very sore both back and front,
it drives me crazy sometimes but I don't want be a nusience at the GP
I have Crohn's and not on any meds at the mo.
I don't know if this helps, but I've got hemorrhoids. Years ago went to a anal specialist at a hospital clinic who advised me to use a cotton ball & leave one in place. Told me it was "anal sweat" and it would stop the itching. I was skeptical but it worked.
I had a couple of accidents last year where mucus came out with my flatulence. It is not a fun time. I've had a couple of fistulas and a fistulotomy and found that excess wiping would also cause me irritation. I ended up getting into the habit of showering after bowel movements and doing some undercarriage flushing with warm water so that I could reduce wiping and avoid irritation (a bidet would also work). Even though I no longer have the issue, I continue the habit.


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I remember having mucus issues with my crohn's flares. Some crohn's treatment side effects actually seemed to make it worse. It really didn't resolve itself until I managed to find the right meds to put me in remission. Sore bum and bleeding from irritation was also normal, I switched to ultra soft tissue and wet wipes.

Have you ever tried Preparation H cooling gel? I would also get irritated spots from wiping. I never was diagnosed with hemorrhoids, but this gel did help calm some of the symptoms.
Hi All
I have shingles at the moment my husband bought a tube of Aqueous cream with calamine and I have used it down below and it has helped the itching and the shingles itch not too expensive either.