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What's the best medicine for depression/mood


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Hi All,
I was taking Lexapro for a Longgg time and all of a sudden it wasn't covered by my insurance so my dr switched it and put me on Paroxetine (the generic form of Paxil) and after I started taking it I noticed that I felt like a weight on my forehead and that almost drunk feeling so I asked to be taken off it and switched again. Well that was about 5 days ago and I have literally turned into a ....ummmm:voodoo: ...well anyways, I was wondering if anyone is on something that does the job but with little side effects? He wanted me to be off it for a while to make sure that was what was making me feel that way (and it was) but I need to get back on something before I end up in jail. lol Thanks ya'll
Hi Tonya,

My doctor put me on Zoloft for depression about 2 years ago and it did the trick.
I haven't had any side effects with it either. :)

Have you tried Celexa. I think lexapro turns into Celexa in the body so if it is covered it may be an option. Thats what I used to take but it made me real hyper and I seemed to get more depressed which seems to be an unusual side affect. But really what I found to be the best way to not be depressed is by meditation and taking my mind off of what is happening. I am one of those odd people that get dreams while awake, so to say. I hear things and see things are not really there and sometimes I feel like I am being touched which if you have ever had this happen to you then you would freak out trust me. This is what happened when I was depressed and I guess I am still a bit depressed or maybe I just have forgotten someone and subconciously relate that moment to monsters. I don't really know why I just gave you that story but I think my meditation has helped to at least not have these things happen as often as they used to.

Best of luck


I know this is probably not what you are looking for but one of the best natural ways to fight depression is to increase your omega-3 fatty acid intake. This is most easily found in fish, but it is also in flax seed (among other things). Try to increase your fish intake a bit and you may see some improvement.

Also a daily (or frequent) omega 3 supplement in pill or oil form (drink a teaspoon daily) may help in this department.


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I started taking fish oil a few wks ago, and I can tell a difference in my health but as far as my mental health it must not be working yet..lol. I am not so much depressed as I am moody. I'll hug someone one second and bite thier head off the next....so *@#&!%^*@% just jokin :) Thanks for the posts :ymad: lol :ylol2:
A natural mood balancer would be St. John's Wart... It helps some with mood balancing and depression... But, I would go with Zoloft and it is now in generic too the generic is Seretaline.... I've been on 100-200 mg of it for about ohhhh 2 years or so now... Now I'm on 200mg daily... Granted I'm also on the prednisone so that's why I'm at 200mg of that + the atavain...

Zoloft is in the same classifaction of drugs as Lexapro too.. SSRI's (Selective Serotinine Reuptake Inhibators)

Ohhh and omega 3 fatty acid increase can help with mild depression... I take lots of omega 3 fatty acids every day.... For more severe depression a mood balancing medication is needed... Either that or go hide in a cave and meditate...
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I just called my doc and he's going to put me on Wellbutrin. He called it in to the pharmacy so I'm not sure of the dosage or anything yet. Anyone ever been on it?


Ok, I take Ciprolax/Escitalopram and it works for me, I find I can drink with it too which is always a bonus in my book ha ha ha. Not sure if its available in the USA but might be worth asking.

Wellbutrin is not an SSRI... It is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor and a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor... So it works on different nerotransmiters than the old antidepresant you were taking...


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I just talked to a family member and her step mom was on it and said she was more moody so I am really hoping that it works instead of making things worse..lol


Watch out for St. Johns Wort, theres been more mixing of this and the wrong medicine then any other med in this country, and its not always good.

about about wellbutrin being an neuroepinephrine, it didnt help my pain at all, and if it was it would have i would have imagine.

This is not a question you can ask, you have to experient like the rest of us. There are medicines that are for chronic pain AND depression. Anxiety and depression are two different thingss, and you will most likely be prescribed TWO medications, especially while the depression medication is STARTING To work.


If you had problems with the Paxil, it may be lessened by Paxil CR or controlled release.


I currently take Celexa and Soma muscle relaxers. This combo helps with the pain of Crohn's in my experiance along with alot of Tylenol.

Ativan - Lorezapam caused me to suffer from black-outs and odd behaviour during the times I was on it.
I never noticed those symptoms, but my co-workers did and told me about them and the things that I did.


I'm on Celexa.I like it. I used to cry over everything but the other day I dropped a thing of flour onto the side of a bowl filled with rice.BIG MESS!I laughed insted of freaking like I used to and I cant stand a mess.I've had no side effects except for a little decrease in appetite and I'm not going to complain about that.
I was on prozac for about five years and it really helped me. I have PTSD and clinical depression. I'd still be taking prozac, I think, if I had any medical coverage. Not for everyone, though, as some have had real problems with it, including increased risk of suicide in teens.

I was on Wellbutrin briefly about a year ago as part of a quit-smoking program. Unfortunately, I only had about a ten day (sample) supply from the doc and was never able to get the RX filled. Very expensive, if I'm remembering correctly. I quit smoking at one week in and stayed off for maybe two weeks (something I'd never been able to do before.) I suppose that must mean that Wellbutrin is pretty good for the anxiety/depression combo.

Unfortunately, anti-depressives can cause very different responses in different people, so you may have to try several before you find what works best for you. Good luck with that!


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Well....I tried the Wellbutrin and it gave me MAJOR headaches, so I just called my doctor and asked him to change it again and this time he's putting me on Celexa. I see that several of you that posted are on it also so hopefully It'll be a good one and I can finally start feeling better, mentally. Thanks for the posts ya'll. Take Care:)