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Whats the Crohn's Disease symbol?

I want to get a tattoo, symbol of crohns disease but I can not find sufficient proof that it is crohns disease symbol.... any other great tattoo ideas representing this disease will be much appreciated
Purple ribbon(it also stands for colon cancer, womans abuse and a few other things) To clear it up I would put something like crohns awarness or something like that
Some people who have had surgery claim the ; as their symbol.
I'm a fan.
It's certainly not "official" though.
I write, so the semicolon shirts I have work two ways. Those close to me giggle when I wear them.

I also have a really cool necklace that is a great clay version of the small and large intestines.

While I know the purple ribbon is for Crohn's as well as a number of other things, but it doesn't feel right as a tattoo for me. Yes, I am also looking for an obviously Crohn's tattoo as well.

Being a Leo, years ago I was looking for a cool lion tat. I found this Red Lion Club out of the UK that is a group for those who have had the j-pouch surgery, something done for some with Crohn's. I contacted them and now have their lion on my back, but with a few of my own personal quirks. For me it was everything falling in place for the perfect tat for me.

I guess what I'm saying is you have to find your own representation if you can't find what you're looking for.

I'll post a copy of my lion in an album so people can see him. EDIT: I just changed my avatar to a picture of my lion.
In Canada the Crohns and Colitis Foundation of Canada.... that's one hell of a name.... has the symbol in my signature.

Never seen anything similar for the US though... the CCFA site only has a square with CCFA written in it and well.....that just doesn't make for a great tattoo now does it.
It would be the purple color ribbon tattoos. This color is a symbol of pancreatic cancer and domestic violence. So it can be used as the symbol of chronic tattoos.
It is a purple ribbon..My Sons girlfriend just got her first tattoo and it is a Butterfly but the body of the butterfly is the purple ribbon for Crohn's Disease..
If you get a stem cell transplant for crohns, the hospital hands out presents and purple ribbons to you on the day of the transplant. So, I agree. Purple ribbons.