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What's the Weirdest Place You've "Gone"

So I was discussing this new planking thing with my girlfriend the other day and we were laughing at all the weird places some of our friends had planked and posted on Facebook. This then led into a discussion about all the weird places I'd gone to the bathroom.

To start things off I've had the joy of going at Pearl Harbour....well more like on.... believe it or not there is a little bathroom on that floating white thing.
I was at my cousins funeral and my stomache started hurting. I ran to the nearest attendant at the gravesite which pointed me toward a port a potty and I ran past my uncle to use it first. So at a graveyard...during the burial of my 6 yr old cousin...
I find it interesting how we always know where the bathroom is. I know every bathroom worth using and those that need to be avoided unless it's that or behind a tree! My mother and I laugh about this a lot.

I will see your side of the road/car door thing, and I will raise you one really horrible and drafty (okay, big gaping holes where anyone can see in) out house in the Florida Keys.

But I also have to say that a port-a-castle (port-a-potty) at an SCA event! SCA, for those who don't know, is the Society for Creative Anachronism. A living history group focusing on medieval times. We all know port-a-castles can be nasty, but after three days in the hot summer sun with hundreds of people using it. But then add in trying not to touch anything in there, make sure your huge hand embroidered gown doesn't touch the floor or anything else and gather it around your waist even though there's too much fabric all the while trying not to sound like you're throwing a Big Gulp at the wall and trying to not make a huge mess. Never mind the worry of TP! Then add in a few glasses (bottles) of mead and make sure it's dark. For some reason the powers that be think we only need a tiny glowstick to see by in there.

I don't think I've had much weirder than that, but I've completely blocked out some of the bathrooms I visited while in Mexico - not tourist areas.


Where to begin...lol In the car, on a camping port-a-potty, while the car was still moving....In a rest stop, open, unheated potty on Highway 1 on the way to Banff, AB in the middle of winter (froze my bits off that time!!)...In between the doors of the car on the side of Highway 401 in Toronto, ON...and behind too many trees to count.