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What's your imuran dose?

My Butt Hurts

What's your imuran dose?
My doc put me on 100 mg to start 3 weeks ago, and after blood tests may adjust it.
I searched for quite a while on line but only found dosage info for RA, MS, and kindey transplants. Then my computer got slow so I quit.
Also, I read that it's not for long term usage or the cancer risk goes up dramatically. Great. What good is short term imuran?
I started at 50, to test the waters back in Nov of last year, for a couple weeks. The doc just wanted to see if I'd tolerate it. Then in Dec I went to 100, and then in Jan, 125mg....I was dropped to 75mg in June, in preperation to most likely drop the med from my regimen in the future. I doubt I can help though as far as effectiveness, as I never saw a difference, but it may be the cause of my fatigue (that or the disease itself)
I started off at 250, but a year or so ago my GI switched it to 200. I've never noticed any improvements on it, so I don't know why I'm still taking it. I've been on it for 5 years.
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My dose is 200mg a day was increased because started losing its effect. My labs have been fine so they aren't worried about the dose. Just make sure that you get labs drawn when your doctor wants them I started out at every month now every three months. He said that if my labs change at all he'll stop the med. Good Luck
ive been at 150mg since christmas, i want to get off it as i dont think its doing me any good and im also worried about the cancer risk even if it is still unproven.
I was on 50mg for 2 weeks then 100mg for 2 and 1/2 months and saw no effect at all other then it literally sucking the life out of me energy wise.
I started on 50, then worked up to 150, then went off of it when it wasn't doing any good. I started Humira and it wasn't doing very well by itself so I went back on Imuran at 100 mg in combination with the Humira. That's not working either, so I'll be going off both soon to try LDN. I really don't notice any side effects from the Imuran.

I am 75mg QD but I am currently having another flare depite, and 40 mg prednisone tapper, I hate that drug PREDNISONE IS THE DEVIL!

Anyway my imuran dose is 75mg,,,,,,