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What's yours called ?.

I never thought I'd end up naming my stoma, but I have !, I thought it was a bit like men naming their tackle :ylol2:
His name is .......drum roll.......Squirter McWhirter , and I'm rather fond of him :kiss:
So what's yours called..if anything ?.
I tried naming my first stoma after a nurse who'd been really good to me in hospital, but it just felt weird giving it a name. Maybe that's a good thing since my stomas don't tend to stick around very long, I had three in under a year. I'm not naming this one, but I hope this one stays!

fuzzy butterfly

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Mine was called hetty and the witches cauldron (the pouch) as there was always something brewing. Lol. The best name iv heard was Napoleon stomafart :) that really made me laugh ..
I had a temp end stoma called Chaos and a temp loop stoma called havoc. Havoc earned it's name. If I ever get another one I'm going with Chaos again. It was a good stoma.

fuzzy butterfly

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I had a temp end stoma called Chaos and a temp loop stoma called havoc. Havoc earned it's name. If I ever get another one I'm going with Chaos again. It was a good stoma.
:ylol2: good names , those stomas can very easily cause both..heres hoping you dont need another, best wishes...:dance:
must say tho if had to have another i would call mine hetty again she was good too ...
I gave mine a very functional name
Simply "The Port" ......he likes to be referred to in the 3rd person.....he has some ego!:ylol:
I call my stoma Rooty Tootie. It took me awhile but I came up with it. My step grandfather's nickname was Tootie because of how much gas he had. So, Tootie was a pretty obvious fit for my stoma, because of all of the increased gas after surgery.

Tony H

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I think I will call mine IGOR , as in a character from Terry Pratchett's books and one of my surgical teams name was actually IGOR
They refer to these as appliances.....a blender comes to mind...the only good use for a blender is for making Margaritas....so mine is know known as Margarita...
Still have my temp ileo (had surgery today in hopes we could reverse my ileo after gracilis muscle procedure for fistula, but it needs more healing and CRS had to do another repair first). I do, however, affectionately refer to mine as Mr. Darcy.
@DCCrohn's... has your fistula healed yet? I just had the gracilis muscle surgery.
It has mostly healed (much smaller and unsure if any opening on inside) but I am still with Mr. Darcy, as I developed a new one shortly after the repair. Have been depbating another surgery but have put the hold on that to switch meds (Humira -> Stelara, also adding Azathioprine). For now we're still too early to see if that will help further...

How are you doing post-surgery?
Still very sore! Off narcotics though for the most part now just taking ibuprofen. Friday will be 2 weeks. I am praying it works! I don’t know if I can do this again- it is a hard surgery! I wish there was a way to know if it worked! How did they determine if yours was successful, and that you had a new one?
It really is a rough surgery...will get better day by day.

In terms of knowing if it worked, an EUA is really the best way to fully examine interior and exterior openings, etc. I suppose a sigmoidoscopy or MRI could give some indication, but our plan for me was to do an EUA if all else seemed good about three months after surgery.

Prior to that, however, I started noticing the normal mucous that still accumulates even when you have an ileo, passing through a seemingly alternate tract. The EUA confirmed the formation of the new tract and they tried a superficial repair (which did not work).

It's like whack-a-mole...but nowhere near as fun.

Hang in there!
It was Carl for awhile Karl when on vacation.
For 3 weeks it was Gunther.
Dookie Howser MD for about 5 years.
For 2 years it didn’t have a name because it didn’t deserve one...it knows what it did!!!
Currently it’s Gomez a rebel cop that doesn’t play by the rules who got shot 8 minutes before retirement.
I know this is old but what the heck. Was going to call mine Waylon so I would have Waylon and Willie ( I'm a guy and like some country music). Wilber came out of my mouth once and it stuck. He can be ornery as he looks for something to spurt at when you take his outfit off. It's kind of like having a pet. Got to have a name for it to talk to or about it. As a note I've found it helps to change his outfit in the mourning before you eat or drink as there is less output.