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I have been taking two sachets of the pentasa granules for about six months.
After about a month or so of starting this medication I noticed I was becoming a bit breathless, this gradually developed into a wheeze.This wheeze is mainly in the morning, after I've been up for maybe an hour it all loosens and after half an hours coughing my chest is relatively clear. I'm still experiencing some breathlessness though.
I've had a chest X-ray which came back clear.
I have a 40 minute appointment with the asthma nurse at my surgery tomorrow.
I understand that pentasa is from the same family as aspirin, I know aspirin can cause susceptible people to wheeze or develope asthma.
My question is, has anyone who takes, or has taken, pentasa developed similar chest problems?
Thank you x

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I am sorry to hear that you seem to be having trouble with pentasa. :( I'm afraid that I haven't had any of these troubles and am hoping that something can be done for you soon. Please keep us updated on how you're doing.
I don't know if this helps. But I have slowly developed a shortness of breathe as well, and it also has become wheezey at times. However, I am not on anything at the moment (other than asacol). I also had no chest problems.

The shortness of breathe came with the cronh's related fatigue for me, not sure it its the same for you though.
Thank you both for your replies.
After doing some tests, the asthma nurse (and me) isn't convinced I have asthma. Apparently the bottom part of my lungs doesn't seem to be working properly and I now have an appointment with my GP today to see what the next step is. I have also had an abnormal liver function result on my most recent blood test which my GP also wants to see me about.
If these problems are being caused by the pentasa, what would be an alternative medication?
Has anyone had to come off pentasa because of liver/kidney problems?
Thank you x
As an update on this, and because other Pentasa users might be interested...
I saw a gastro consultant yesterday who wasn't at all happy that I've been having chest problems. He has taken me off Pentasa with immediate effect and put me on Colazide (Balsalazide disodium), a drug I've not ever seen mentioned here.
He also ordered a lung CT scan and liver ultrasound scan, marked as urgent, as well as more blood tests. I had an arm full of blood taken at the hospital, I have the CT scan tomorrow and the ultrasound scan in January.
Whilst he said it is slightly unusual to have the problems I've been experiencing with Pentasa, it most definitely isn't unheard of.
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As an update on this..
After having various tests, including an enhanced CT scan, I've been diagnosed with mild COPD, probably due to the pentasa, and have been a lot better since the pentasa was stopped. If anyone has any breathing problems which have only started since taking pentasa then I suggest you see your doctor.
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