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When Crohn's Disease is in remission can I eat normally

i think i know the answer, but i'll ask it anyway lol

so, lets just say i get into remission... does that mean i can eat normal foods?

or i guess the answer is 'no'.... but i mean, with the inflammation, isn't it sort of the chicken and the egg thing? like, is it REALLY the food triggering inflammation, or is it that you already were in the inflammation mode and you just happen to eat something to set it off more?

in that case, if you're in remission and the inflammation isn't happening... couldn't it mean that your food choices don't need to be so restrictive?
i'm pretty much eating whatever i want at the moment.

tho i must say, i hated vegies and fruit before crohns, so i still dont eat them. i say it makes me sick:D
Jeez I hope I can eat anything once I'm in remission within reason and moderation of course. I have been dieing to eat a burger for more then a month now so I hope I can eventually.
Skinny Dub said:
Jeez I hope I can eat anything once I'm in remission within reason and moderation of course. I have been dieing to eat a burger for more then a month now so I hope I can eventually.
even when i was quite sick, McDonalds cheese burgers without pickles and the oniony tomato sauce were always one thing i could eat???? no idea why?

i still do watch what i eat, but no where near as much as i used to.
You guys are making me hungry now I want to go and try out MC Donald's burger because they never bothered me before but know I shouldnt... you think its considered low residue?
i thought that bread and beef is okay and considered low residue?

cuz i thought if it's white bread, you're okay...and when i was in the hospital, they gave me beef with white rice...

i usually don't eat burgers like that though, i go for the grilled chicken which seems to be safe, i'm never sick.

i don't know that much about low residue... all they told me in the hosp was 'nothing stringy' and i did a quick google search, but didn't really study the yes foods lol.
:confused2: hmmm... I dont know all afternoon I have been burping up small meatball sub from subway today. But that could because I made some kick but french toast yesterday and had five slices and still suffering from that maybe.:ybatty:

Tomorrow I think I'm going try and stick to liquids and maybe give it a go around on Thursday (my day off) a McDonald's burger.
No offense to all that eat McDonalds if I say this! I did not eat McDonalds before I got diagnosed, I would not recommend eating that to even a healthy person!!! I do think that is great though if you guys are able to tolerate fast food! If you crave burgers try going for more lean beef. The leaner the better. My doctor told me that the more fat in the meat the harder it is to digest properly for a person with Crohns. I have learned to stay away from so many things. I hope there is a day that I can go back to some foods that I once enjoyed, but I know that it will not be all of them!
Peaches said:
when they say stringy they mean insoluble fiber....same thing. That's the stuff that can mess you up if your gut isn't in a good place. So - search for insoluble fiber and you should come up with lots of stuff NOT to eat :O)

Thanks lady! :) As usual, your answers are super helpful.

I was surprised that noone at the hospital really explained it to me...

Actually, funny thing about it... i was in the hospital for a week last august... and toward the end of my stay... i was sleeping in my hospital bed, when suddenly I wake up with 7 people's eyes on me! it was like 7 am (notice you never get any sleep in hospitals? people are ALWAYS waking you up! haha)... anyway...

It was the head of the GI department, and 6 residents 'observing'... it was so friggen awkward lol...

so he just tells me what was going on with me, and mentioned the low residue 'no stringy foods' thing... when i mentioned to him that i wanted to see a nutritionist he said 'well, a nutritionist won't really do anything for you'...

and that was that. lol

i will definitely search 'insoluble fibre'!
yep! there's an assumption that we'll educate ourselves... cuz my GI even said to me 'so you looked up the info on the internet right?'

i know that you can get free internet access at the library, but not everyone is able to access the internet so easily and not everyone has the skills to do such research.

not only that, when you do research online, not all of the sites that come up in the search are credible... that was my concern... i found some sites with the low residue diet, but they seemed like websites anyone could have created.

i really should check the library more... there was one day i had time to kill before an appt, so my exboyfriend and i went to the library and began looking through all these books about crohn's and it was very good... i just need to renew my library card! :)