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When do mesalazine suppositories start working?

I have proctitis (inflammation on my rectum) from Crohn's disease. The doctor prescribed mesalazine suppositories, 1g a day, I have been constantly doing them for 10 days now.

The problem is those bowel movements are still very painful (although I think they hurt less now) and I still bleed.

When do they start working? The doctor said that I will be doing them for 3-4 months then I stop once everything is healed but the bleeding should at least stop by now, no? When can I expect to see a significant improvement?


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My daughter has used suppositories a few times. Once they worked right away. All of the other times they never worked. The GI said her inflammation was just too severe.

FWIW - the suppositories just work topically. On the surface. The first layer. Crohns is transmural so it goes through all the layers. Therefore suppositories work less in Crohn’s.


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I think we're all different as to how well or quickly meds work for us.I've used them off and on for 16+ yrs and do ok with them.When I bleed I us them for a few weeks twice daily then when the bleeding eases I use one a day as maintenance.Sometimes though,I needa course of steroids to clear things up.Like I said,we're all different,so try to be patient if you can.I hope things get better soon.