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When does Prednisone kick in?

Hello everyone. I started prednisone 40mg for 4 weeks on Monday and it hasn't really done anything yet. (It's been 3 days) I've been on prednisone once already- last year- but I don't remember when it actually started to work. I was just wondering when it starts stopping the flare for you guys and if you have any tips to prevent the dreaded moon face? Last time I got it really bad and I'm super small so it looks awful on me. I'm 14f (turning 15) in grade 9 and haven't grown since 6th grade. I've had a bone age scan and my bones are still 12y/o. I just want to grow so badly but not in my face!
Thanks :cry:
I had results with prednisone almost immediately when starting. Like literally overnight, but that's not always the case with people depends on your symptoms and what's bothering you. Mine was pain from inflammation so the prednisone reduced that immediately for me and I had relief. It isn't gone but definitely much better. As far as the moonface it's just an unfortunate side effect. However, I didn't develop mine until I was on it for about 3 months. I am on about my 5th month and about to start in humira and start weening. I heard it takes a few months to go down. But if your only on prednisone a short time usually you won't get as much facial side effects.
Thanks for the quick reply! I fortunately don't suffer from pain so maybe it'll take longer to see improvement. I figure I got bad moon face last time because I didn't watch my salt which is really bad when you're already retaining water :eek2: I just hope to reach remission and grow because that is my literal only goal. I can live with the disease but I just want to look my age especially since my older sister (2 years older) is a stunner and my younger sister (2 years younger) is bigger than me. :cry:


Hi Tragicmess

What maintenance medication are you on?

I am going to page some parents for you MLP, clash

Also what country are you in? As treatment plans vary between countries.
Prednisone works pretty quickly. Usually within a week you will feel much better; at least in my case. As for moon face, that usually occurs when on high doses for a long time. I don't think 4 weeks is long enough to get the moon face. Are you on anything else besides Prednisone? It will make you feel better but you need to be on something other than Prednisone to get to remission and maintain it. Don't compare yourself to your siblings. This is enough to deal with. Take care of yourself, aim for remission and things will fall into place!!!
When I started prednisone it kicked in right away. I had the moon face problem as well, and I wish I could help you. I refuse to take prednisone anymore because I had leg cramps so severe that I blacked out, and I have a very high tolerance for pain. My doctor put me on Entocort a couple of months ago, and I don't have moon face with that one. It isn't as strong as prednisone, but it works good enough. I am just starting recently to have cramps in my feet, but it's nothing I can't handle right now.