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When in doubt ,check it out !!

when in doubt ,check it out !!

I think to start this entry, i would like to say that all you guys and galls on this site seem to be waaaay stronger than you think you are. mentally, if not(unfortunately ) physically. Crohn's is still for the most part a much misunderstood disease. So all of us asking each other what works for them, medwise and dietwise, is great . It should ,however be considered that what works for one will not necessarily work for all. Those of us with chronic Crohn's (had mine about 30 yrs now) have probably experimented with just about every combination out there. But I dont want the newbies to think its hopeless. My last colonoscopy in December showed that for now I'm AOK save for a bit of diverticulosis. My family doc (former) misdiagnosed me for 15 yrs with ibs. 3yrs ago I was doing sit ups in the gym and got a horrible pain in my lower right side. Thought I had a hernia. Lived with the pain!! a yr later went to emerg, got the Crohn's diagnosis and turns out my "hernia" was a tear in my illeum, which now had a sack of pus on it the size of a hot dog bun. Right hemicolectomy followed. Guess my point is dont think every twinge is the end...but do get it checked out .
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Hi Simon. A big warm welcome to the forum. I read this and your other post and I think with your 'veteran' status, you'll be a real asset round here. I'll second your advice about getting things checked out. I think some of us don't sometimes out of fear or not wanting to bother our docs.
Looking forward to seeing you around :)


I have posted on your other thread but I also wanted to say that I totally agree about getting niggles checked out - it's better to be safe than sorry!


Welcome to the forum simon47!

Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts with us. It is scary to think that you had a tear in your ileum for a whole year, but I am glad that it was able to be dealt with.

I know it is hard for me to differentiate between normal IBD pain and something more serious and I assume this is something many others also deal with. It is good to hear of a story like yours though to remind us that we should not just try to tough it out if we are facing something we are not used to or comfortable with.