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When it rains, it pours.

Hello, fellow Crohnies and UC/IBD sufferers.

I was finally definitively diagnosed last month with Crohn's Disease.

In a five month period, I have been diagnosed with:

Hashimoto's Disease
Panic Disorder
Plantar Fasciitis in both feet
Insulin Resistance
Breast Cancer (weird rare kind with little info available).

I think my husband forgot to make my warranty payment or something. Stuff just be falling apart left and right.

I am struggling with eating the way my Endocrinologist wants me to eat, and eating the way my Crohn's wants me to eat.

I am trying hard not to feel overwhelmed. I am learning to take full advantage of the good days, and to guiltlessly take care of myself on bad days. I am having my preop workup for my cancer surgery on Monday. Send good mojo my way, prayers, good vibes, sacrifice a chicken to Jobu, whatever!

I have learned so much by reading this forum, and want to thank everyone who contributes such great and real information.


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Holy moly Lisa, you poor thing. Wowowowow.


With that said, a lot of those have overlapping symptoms, more specifically, the first four and insulin resistance. Have any of those diagnosis been rescinded now that you've been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease?

You have so much on your plate. If there's anything we can do for you, let us know!


Hi Lisa. Welcome to the family. :hug: It pangs me to think of these things happening to you all at once. You must be on a load of meds. I wonder what kind of treatment plan your docs have you on. Would you mind sharing with us?

I can't help but think of stem cell therapy for you because of Crohn's AND cancer.

I understand some of the things that you're going through. I really feel that your panic disorder is justified. But, hopefully, our sacrificial chickens will do the trick for you. :)
You poor dear!! I hope your surgery goes well and the cancer doesn;t return! Prayers, hugs, healing power, thoughts, waves of energy all comming your way.

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:welcome: Wow that is plenty to deal with. My husband always say there is alway somebody out there worse than you. Dealing with Crohns is enough. I wonder how you do it and still have a sense of humour! I admire that in a person. Some days are hard but I try to be the same way. You are an inspiration to us all.

Sending you many healing thoughts your way! Everything will work out, you know it will too! Hugs.
I am sorry.
i just noticed something that may unify Plantar Fasciitis and Fibro.
I have ankylosing spondylitis (AS) which is a form of arthritis that goes with Crohn's. I gives people Plantar Fasciitis because it attacks the ligaments and tendents. also many women are dx with fibro instead of arthritis. AS affects the back and hips. just a thought...

Feel better and good luck!
Well welcome to the forums and my god I can't say how awesome it is to see you in good spirits after all that in such a short time. Best of luck with the surgery but if you can make it through hearing about all that I'm sure the surgery will be a breeze.

Best of luck with everything and see you around.
Update since my first post.

Thank you to everyone for such kind and supportive words of welcome!

Had my lumpectomy on December 29th, and wooty-woot, 3 pathologists and the breast oncologic surgeon were wrong! It was a benign fibroadenoma. Whew!

I am finally feeling more energetic after coming off Metformin/Janumet for the insulin resistance. I apparently am one of those people who gets lactic acid buildup from it, and my muscles always felt like I just did a power lifting session at the gym.

I have lost 30 pounds so far (need to lose about 30-40 more).

My Crohn's Prognostic test came back with moderate risk of complications in the next 10 years, so my doctor added Entocort to my Pentasa, and my gut is feeling better.

I am weaning off the meds for my panic disorder, which started when I had a series of adverse reactions to antidepressants given to me for my fibromyalgia. The doc who treats me for the panic says I'm like a canary in a coal mine with those meds :)

I can tolerate Lyrica for the fibromyalgia, but it makes me horribly depressed so I have to take Wellbutrin to be able to continue to take it.

Current meds are:


I think that's it. I have it all written down in my phone and posted inside the medicine cupboard on my schedule so I won't forget. Not sure which of my maladies is responsible for the brain fog, but it's darned irritating lol.

Anyway, I am feeling better every day, and even starting to feel like I want to putter around the house and exercise a bit. Still being careful of Flopsy ( my mother has named my poor put-upon left breast, after 2 core needle biopsies and the surgical one ) but I have a really great sports bra and easing back into it all.

Hugs to all who read this, and thanks for helping me to know that I'm not alone, and that it's okay to ask questions about poop. You all rock.


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That's fantastic that it was benign! WOOT! I'm so happy for you :)

Thanks for the update and here's to your progress continuing to be positive.