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When should son have colonoscopy after starting Stelara?

We have a new GI. Started stelara in February 2019 and she wants to do colonoscopy this Wednesday. Wondering if it wouldn’t be better to wait longer since he’s doing fine (praying I don’t jinx it just typing this!) why can’t we wait and do it at the year mark since he’s doing well? Should I insist? He has Crohns Disease and his last colonoscopy was about August of 2018 by his old doctor.

my little penguin

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We have a parents group here

Even parents of “adult” kids post there
End of July vs August isn’t much a time difference
Most Gi have reasons that trigger a scope
Some are time
Some are markers (bloodwork or fecal )
Some are new meds

Kids can feel fine on the outside but not on the inside
Ds looked ok on the outside after starting Stelara
But was scoped close to 6 month mark (he started Stelara Aug 2017 -scoped Beginning feb 2018) where inflammation was found in the TI
So Stelara was increased