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When test results just arent needed.

So I got a call from my doctor today to review my test results. I went in cause I was having a flare. One of the blood tests (cant remember which one) indicated that I have inflammation. He said the normal range was about 5 and I was at 140. I couldnt help but to laugh, and I told him "Doc, we didnt exactly need a test for me to tell you that I was inflamed!!! I been in pain for weeks!"

Once the Prometheus tests come back its on to Humira and 6MP for me.

We could have taken the hundreds of dollars for that test and just gave it to me, I could have told him the same thing! :rof:


Isn't that the bugger! I know exactly how you feel! I spend way too much money on finding out what I already know!

I hope you feel better soon!
I say the same thing! when every i tell anyone else what my test results are their comments are always, i don't know what that test is but i could of tell you that you had inflammation.
I find inflammation an evil word.
Good luck!