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When to be seen on Humira

Last Monday (1st) I woke up with a sore throat. I thought great, I have another cold. Lovely. It's my second one since starting Humira in April. I thought maybe I was getting better on Tues. night and Weds., but yesterday I woke up with an awful cough and today it's much worse (though maybe the morning is making it worse since all the gunk sat in my chest all night). My chest hurts from coughing, my throat hurts from coughing, and I'm even having abdominal pain that may be related to coughing. The highest fever I've had with this has been 99.4, so nothing big.

So is a doctor's visit something I should be scheduling? I know they say that when you're on Humira you need to let your doctor know if you have any sign of infection, like a sore throat. Well, personally, I think a person should have quite a bit more than just a sore throat, but I understand what they're concerned with. Anyway, I've had pneumonia many times before and bronchitis a time or two. It's been a long time though.

Time to go in? I've been putting it off for a week now, just hoping it will go away on its own.
AIjen said:
My chest hurts from coughing........ The highest fever I've had with this has been 99.4, so nothing big....

So is a doctor's visit something I should be scheduling?

I would have scheduled an appt for those things even without being on Humira. No point being miserable. My little son was coughing sick for a week, kind of like you and when I took him in the doc the doc listened to his lungs and said he had walking pneumonia!
I gave myself 5 days when on Humira and if I didn't feel better whatever was wrong I went in and the doctor never got upset, in fact they were always glad I did come in and I was put on antibiotics every time.
Thanks guys! Guess I should have gone in yesterday or today. Of course, now it's the weekend, so I'm going to wait until Monday. Unless things take a turn for the worse. By Monday, that will be 5 days since the cough started, so I'm still in Drew's window!!!

CD68 - I'd have taken my child in for this as well. I guess I just don't feel like it's bad enough yet, but I suppose I'll have to get used to going in before it gets "that" bad.