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When to give up on 6mp?

I have had uncontrolled crohns for about three years now. I failed remicade and humira. I have had two babies and went into remission during the pregnancies but when I'm not pregnant I'm in and out of flares. Prednisone stops the flares but then a few weeks after weaning I flare again and again, etc. anyway, I started 6mp in May. I've been on it almost four months now. I had a huge flare in June and was hospitalized. We assumed 6mp just hadn't reached its effectiveness yet. But then I flared again just two weeks ago. I'm now on iv steroids and TPN. My GI dr is confident that adding TPN will make sure the flare gets fully controlled and that 6mp will kick in still. But... I'm concerned. I'm concerned 6mp just isn't going to work. It's been almost four months. TPN is awful because I'm starving and I know prednisone will do its trick of ending the flare. The issue is just finding a maintenance med. I don't want to get out of this flare only to flare again. What do you all with experience with 6mp think? How long did it take to work? When did you quit waiting on it to work? I know can't keep going on prednisone every couple of months.
I've been on azathioprine since April and still feel crap on a daily basis :-( I don't know what the answer is. I am wondering for myself if dosage is the problem or if I potentially have scar tissue that meds cannot treat. Could either issue be the same for you?