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When to go back to work?

Advice please...
I've been off work for 3 weeks, spent a week in hospital resulting is small scale surgery for a small fistula. That was a week ago.
I want to go back to work!! Work are reluctant and think i should take longer off. I feel fine, great even, i'm driving and cooking and doing normal things... Obviously its difficult when you're off sick to know how you'd manage at work, and I don't want to be worse again.... But i feel much better than I did 3 weeks ago and I was managing work then!!
I can probably work monday weds fri next week so it's not too much...
Any thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!


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Hello Monkey
Perhaps this can be worked out with your GI and family physician.
You may feel well enough and you can discuss this with them,they need to evaluate your physical condition and I would be guided by what they say.
You could get set backs if you return to work too soon.
Hugs and best wishes
Do you have an active job or a desk job? If it's mostly sitting then your doctor could probably write you something if you're ready to go back. If you do a lot of lifting or standing, it might take more out of you than you realize. The best thing to do is talk about what you do with your doctor. If they think you're ready to work, even part time, then their recommendation will help. If they don't, then relax a while longer so you don't end up doing more damage.
Good luck getting back to work.


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Monkey, are you perhaps able to work from home for a bit to ease back into things? You also mentioned maybe working every other day - perhaps you could work half-days for a while too to transition back into working.

I agree with Saralr about talking with your doctor first. They may have recommendations specific to the fistula (maybe they want you to sit or not sit for a certain amount of time each day, etc). For what it's worth, I have a friend who is a total workaholic, she always has at least 2 or 3 jobs and she's always working. She got cancer awhile back and had to have surgery. She got antsy during her recovery and decided to go back to work before her doctors gave her the okay, and her first day back at work - even though it was just a desk job and she wasn't doing anything physical - she somehow ripped a few stitches and it really set her back, she had to go and get the stitches re-done and she was under strict orders to rest awhile longer. So yes, definitely listen to what your doctor says about this, you don't want to do something like my friend did and end up being off work for even longer.
Thanks guys!!
We compromised, I can't have a staged return, as haven't been off long enough (crazy huh?!), so opted to go back on thursday, then it's just 2 days till the weekend :)
I can't work from home as work in the health service, so it can be quitea stressful job but I'm at our main site for 2 days this week so will have support if needed!!
I've got wednesday off next week also, so it's just 2x 2day blocks...
I'm sure I'll be fine!! :)
Thanks for the input!
Don't over do it! I'm glad to hear that you're staging a return. I find over working myself when I'm not feeling great can lead me to feel even more sick, and take longer for me to get better. I am a boarder-line workaholic, and I love my job, so I know what you mean, I hate missing work. However, I really need to try hard not to over do it. I have had to learn, sadly the hard way, that if I don't take one or two sick days when needed, I can wind up missing a heck of a lot more work.

Good luck!