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When to go to the hospital?

I have had a flare up for the past 2 weeks. Its not a major because there isn't any blood this time. However I have lost 13lbs in 10 days and I feel dehydrated. I prob go to the bathroom about 10-15 times a day, but usually its only small pieces and not diarrhea. My wife first answer is to panic. I am currently on Uceris. Thoughts???
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My rule of thumb: if you are wondering whether it is serious enough to go to the hospital then go to the hospital. Better safe than sorry. Losing 13 pounds in 10 days is serious.


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Its serious to lose that much weight but it does not constitute an emergency. What you should do in your case is call your doctor or GI. If you do not have a doctor then you should go to the clinic and if that is not available then go to the hospital ER.