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When to worry?

Hello all!!
So I'm 9-10 weeks pregnant, although not confirmed by ultrasound yet. Since my period wasn't regular, I may be further along judging by the fit of my clothes lol!
Anyhoo. I found out I was expecting about a month after a flare. Right before starting full time college classes, in the middle of intense theatre rehearsals, with 2 kids and all that involves. Needless to say, I quit theatre!
But for the past few days I have been increasingly unwell. Abdominal pain, extreme fatigue, odd poops-feels very Crohnsey. I worry about it a lot...but my doctors can't be reached. I'm thinking of heading to the e.r if it doesn't let up. What are the signs that you should see a doctor?? I was lucky to have no Crohn's symptoms for my earlier pregnancies, and now I just wanna make sure baby's alright in there!!


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I haven't been pregnant myself, but the general rule on the forum is this: If you are questioning whether to go to the ER, just go. Don't second-guess yourself. If things are bad enough that you're considering going to the ER, then it's time to just go to the ER. Better safe than sorry, especially with baby being factored into the equation. If it were me, I'd say both go to the ER now and also call your GI doctor so that they can keep an eye on things and monitor you. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!