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When you guys consider yourselves to be in remission, how do you feel?

i've been feeling crap for a while now, with pain/sleepiness/ and all other symptoms like everyday for ages now.

when you guys consider yourselves to be in remission, how do you feel? do you feel like nothings wrong, or is there always gonna be something going on.


The still get bad abdominal pains about 6 times a day, which i can never seem to pinpoint where the pain is, it feels like its everywhere. however when i push down on my lower right part of my abdomen, it hurts like crazy. I take it this is where the inflammation is :3?
I still feel tired almost all the time. Aside from that, pretty good. I don't have any abdominal pain, my diet has expanded a bit and I have plenty of energy for exercise. I don't think my fatigue will ever go away completely, but I am in a far better place now than when my crohn's is active.
Shamrock, if you don't mind me asking... How long did your flare last? I am still in one and have been sick for over a year but dx w/CD in March and hospitalized for 9 days with I've steroids, having my 3rd treatment of remicade tomorrow and have been on 5MG of steroids the past week for this taper, as well as 6-MP. I am starting to have more pressure and rt side pain which I thought by now I would not feel any discomfort. I have ileitis crohns. Is this normal for ongoing flares? Just curious if anyone can advise would be great! I am very scared~. Thank you so much!!!!! Any advise would be appreciated:)