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When you think you have it bad..watch this!

If he can overcome his problems, I think we should be able to overcome ours. Or at least be grateful that we do not have his problems to deal with.

I admire his strength. I do not know if I could deal with it as well as he does.



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One of the current affairs programs here did a story on this fellow last year. I was gobsmacked, he is a true hero.

Thanks for posting this Jett.
i have actually seen that video before. what an amazing guy - i am glad he realises how complete he really is, despite having physical things missing.

thanks for posting this, Pen - i think we needed to be reminded of how powerful attitude is, and how precious life is..


This beautiful man has made me cry!
All I have is the trots!
I'm getting up, having a shower, put me lippy on and stop feeling sorry for myself!
I'm so glad I watched this, it's put everything into perspective!
That was so powerful, he's a truly amazing person i'd never see him before today but it's made me think I should try harder to be thankful for what I have.
Thanks Penny for posting this :D I saw him on tv not long ago but didnt think to google him. He is awesome and what a great sense of humour. I still cant understand how he swims ...hmmm.

Makes you want to be friends with him he is so positive! What an amazing message he has!
Thanks again.

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I think he is cute too! I know you guys are probably thinking this so I will ask it.... umm, how does he ummm wipe his butt?? I am cringing because that is one task I like to do myself? :blush:

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This is so powerful that every time I whine or complain this always pops back in my mind... I will break my own rule and think positive! ;)