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When's a good time to seek MD attention for colds?

Hey all!!

I was diagnosed with moderate to severe Crohn's disease in 2013. So i am fairly new to the "flu season" issues. My GI told me to let him know when I was sick for a week or so.

This morning I emailed his office telling them I have been sick for a week with a cold. No fever, but my biggest complaint is a very bad sore throat. stuffy nose, and exhaustion. His office assisant (no idea what shes talking about, told me to talk to my PCP)
My question is:

Should I be tested for strep? or let it ride out?

I'm on Imuran and Cimzia
I have had a cold too. Well bronchitis actually. Cured it myself. Had no choice, as any medication from the doctor will flare up my UC.