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Where are you from and what's your occupation ?

Hey everyone I start first, I'm from Athens, Greece.
I am studying economics and about to take up Mua classes in February.
Currently a housewife.
What about you ?


Staff member
New York, USA
40+ years with Crohns Colitis.....for the last 16+ years I have worked full time as a Fire Protection Specialist for the NYS Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services (A mouthful, I know!!!).....

Basically, I'm a State Fire Marshal!
Wow , really impressed you all sound active and energetic , congrats 😄
Special thanks to the veterans for their contribution to the post 😀
It's uplifting to know that no matter how long you be been living with Crohn's, you never stop to evolve.
Would love to hear more from the community 😄
Let's spread positive vibes