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Where Can I Find The Basics

Everything has been backwards it seems. Went in for what I thought was hemorrhoids and told I would need to see a surgeon. Surgeon said I needed to have a Lateral anal sphincterotomy. Went in for surgery June 19 and instead of Lateral anal sphincterotomy had hemorrhoid banding. I was extremely raw and had a severe infection. While under anesthesia the surgeon called in a G I to look. Two biopsies were taken and it was determined I had Crohn’s. It has been two weeks since my surgery. I am just now getting some energy back and a appetite. I haven’t seen a GI yet because of my fatigue. I have hopes of getting the lab work done next week then I think a colonoscopy plus a MRI. The nurse told me I would to do all those things before the DR. would see. I have been trying to eat a flare diet. One of the challenges I have is a husband with Lewy Body Dementia (in the early stages.)

I am glad to find this forum. There is so much information that it is hard to filter through what is medically correct.
Hi Buffalo Gal welcome to the forum you will find that everyone has different symptoms with Crohns like you say having haemorrhoid banding first does seem a little backwards I suppose that could be because of your symptoms at the time.
I believe it is quite painful and i feel for you, I hope the doctor gives you time to heal before a colonoscopy.
I don't know what other symptoms you have had eg pain bloating the runs but fatigue is a typical symptom.
I also feel that stress with your husbands Lewy Body Dementia will not help.
You can chat on this forum at any time and have a vent if need be.
I hope that you can get this horrible disease under control and find a medication that works for you.
Sending hugs your way.