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Where do i find VSL3?

Hi all
Was browsing through the "parents of kids with IBD" forum and noticed some comments on a probiotic formula VSL3.
Sounds like it's working really well for some of the kids :)
Does anyone know the details of how to access/purchase it? I take a couple of Yacult every morning, plus another probiotic drink, and have certainly noticed an improvement since taking it (despite it being officially "soft science" from my GI!)
Any info gratefully received (I'm in Australia, so wonder if it's available here..)
Hi Ellie , I've just asked my gi oc and he's sendin m a script for Lewis do u have a gi doc or just go to a pharmacy in oz and see if they have it in my doc thinks it's a great idea so. Think we can all stay thanks to pacman, who let me no about this in my post , hope your well.x
I used to take VSL#3, and I bought it from their website, www.vsl3.com. However, I stopped taking it because my GI said that some new research suggested that while it's still good for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis, it may have negative effects in Crohn's. But I didn't see an improvement from probiotics either, so if that seems to work for you, VSL sounds like it would be a good choice because of its strength.
You'll be able to get VSL#3 from nutricentre.com and they do ship to Australia. It's one of their top 10 products, which has got to say something.

There's also Symprove, which can also get from nutricentre. It's a little more expensive than VSL#3 but as its not freeze-dried it's likely to act more quickly, because the bacteria don't need to "wake up".

Both of these have got to be much better than yougurt drinks, which trigger digestion, which then kills off the active bacteria.