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Where do you Get information about IBD?


I am curious where (if anywhere) do you look to find information on your disease. Do you aimlessly search the internet through search engines (and if so, what terms or phrases do you search for)? Do you subscribe to any magazines or journals about IBD? Do you read or have you read any books on the topic ( and if you have, which ones?). Are you a member of any other information/support group besides this one?

I have read several books on IBD, and am also a member of the CCFC, which allows me access to a magazine sent out periodically and includes the latest research and tips regarding IBD. Recently I learned that I have access through my university to some medical journals, so I think I am going to start reading some of the ones regarding Gastroenterology (seems like a nice light read ;)).


I am a regular member at another site, having over 1100 posts. I have read restoring your digestive health, the makers diet, and gastrointestinal health. I recieve health newletters through email. I also check up on the ccfa website every so often. I get google alerts on all new articles and news on Crohns also.


hi i browse the net and im a member of the NACC in england (((hugs))) also talking to people in forums like this which i find great way of information


I started as a member of another site. I just find its easier to get information from other sufferers. and its usually in a language I can understand, with a bit of sympathy and caring thrown in the mix. much better than asking the DR, but I do that as well. I surf the net for any info on new drugs and treatment options as well. I think reading a whole book on the subject would just depress me, I need to do this all in small spurts I guess.
I know I should be better about the diet part of things, and I do look that stuff up as well, I just cant seem to put it into practice.