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Where do you inject?

Hey guys! I have been on Cimzia for almost two years now, i went from doing 400 mg injections once a month, to 200mg every two weeks. I alternate which thigh i use for my injections. I'm worried about scarring, so i decided to try my stomach. It was so painful!! I don't have too much fat there, but i figured it was fine because i was able to grab a decent amount of subcutaneous tissue.

Where do you guys do your injections?
Not on Cimzia, however I am on methotrexate which is also sub q. I only inject in my thighs, I have considered my stomach however the only area I really have any fat to pinch is around the belly button, where you can't inject anyway. After only a couple months I am already finding it hand to not inject in the same spot (where I can still see the bump or bruise) so I too am worried about scarring.

Lady Organic

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ive been on methotrexate too. I injected on thighs and stomach too, and would alternate side each week (whats recommended for MTX) never had any bruises or scar. thighs I felt was easier.
I had been on Humira for number of years and always injected in my stomach. Never tried the thighs but I have more skin to grab a hold of on my stomach. Tomorrow I start Cimzia loading dose and plan on putting all four shots in my stomach spread apart two on each side.
I do stomach and thighs but it hurts more in the stomach. I do it about an inch way from the belly button, usually to the side.
Started Cimzia two months ago. I take 400ml/month. (2-200ml shots) I inject one on each side of my belly. An inch or so away from my belly button.