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Where do your bones/muscles ache/cramp?

I have been on Imuran for about a month now and just recentlyl started getting achy all over...like I am about to come down a flu or something. I also have been experiencing a cramping feeling under my arm pits. I find that a strange place. First time it happened I thought I was having a heart attack but it went away after just a couple of minutes. It was a cramp like you get in your legs. I had been using a hand pump to blow up balloons so I had a feeling it was muscular. Didn't think it was disease related until the other day...pulling up my jeans (ok I've put on a few lbs from prednesone)...it happened on my left side and down the inside of my arm again. There must be a certain muscle there. Again, it went away. I would be dead by now if these were heart attack symptoms. I see my docs next week. I just really have a feeling its the Imuran. I hope long term it will get better. Does anyone else get strange muscle cramping? I am deficient in B12 and Vitamin D. I am taking supplements for both. I am totally exhausted and feel like I could sleep all day! I really don't want to live like this. I hope it is going to get better over time...???
The b12 could be causing your muscle cramping. When you say you are taking supplements, what strength and how are you taking them? If you are deficient in b12 you probably have inflammation in your ileum. In which case taking regular oral supplements won't help. You need shots, or sublingual liquid/ tablets, so you're bypassing the ileum.
I just recently got off a 4 month run of Prednisone and the only thing I am taking are vitamins. Spingirl I have the same symptoms. I'm so tired all the time, I feel like I did when I was pregnant (when you feel like the baby is sucking every ounce of energy out of you). I ache all over. It's not so much a flu feeling ache, it's more of a muscle all over ache. My question is..........is this just a crohn's thing and I have to deal with it? Or is something else going on in my body? BTW.... My bowels are working perfect at this time and have been for 4 months.

Could this aching be a side effect from coming off Pred? I've been off it for 3 weeks now.

Last time I had blood work up, I wasn't deficient in any thing but I still continue vitamins (Dr. ordered)

Thanks in advance for your advice.
PS. My Crohn's is located in the Sigmoid area.
I'm on 6MP and have just started experiencing muscle pain. Recently I was upped to 150mg and had EXCRUTIATING muscle pains radiating throughout my body. I also slept all day and all night, literally only being awake for 2 hours at the most. I'm waiting on a call back from my GI as to what to do now because I can't live this way. I noticed when I was on 100mg, I couldn't stretch my legs in the morning without them cramping. I also can't extend my feet without getting a "charley horse" in my toes. I had the arms pains as well. It was bearable at 100mg but definitely annoying.

Edited to add: I've been on 6MP since beginning of Feb.