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Where does your Humira come from

It looks very likely that I'll be self injecting adalimumab, and I was wondering how those in the UK who do this, get their medication.
Someone I know, who knows someone, who knows someone else..very vague ..says they have it delivered. By who? From where? What volume ie. a weeks worth, a months worth, three months??
I'm sure this will all be explained to me next week but in the meantime I wondered if anyone here could give me any information, and talk me through it from the beginning, I'd be really grateful 😍
Bunty x
Mine was delivered by Healthcare at Home, which was organised by my hospital.
They were really good, even sent a nurse the first time to show me how to inject it and talk me through how to store it etc.
I think that I had 4 injection pens delivered at a time, 2 months worth.

Good luck with it!