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Where in Perth, WA to go for second opinion?

Worsening pain today, nowhere to go with the pain, again cancelling all appointments, pain pretty significant. GP, yesterday wrote a new referral letter to Professor of GI, yet a 99-year referral appears to be unacceptable. Sigmoid colon removal last year, thought pain issues over, GI put me onto 6 monthly visits, although several flare-ups during the period, GI unresponsive to all requests for help. In the past did put me onto antibiotic/cortisones infusions, with pain meds to help bring everything under control. I asked if we could do the same, he ignored the request. During my last visit to him, 5 months ago, I asked if I could see him in 2 months, he stated "no, I have many other very ill patients to see!".Has anyone else ever had this problem with their GI? Or, am I seeing the wrong type of GI? Initially, I tried many different meds, they did not work, the Professor tried to get me onto Humira, it was declined by the Government department, as I did not have Crohn's. Now, what? I think problems are coming from a restriction in the ileum area, from previous surgery. Who do I see to have this confirmed? What tests are performed? How is it diagnosed? Any help I can get today would be great. How do I join the Perth Forum or support group? Looked for the links could not find them