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Where to get LDN prescribed? My doc said no

hello, can anyone tell me where I can get LDN? i gave all documents and paperwork to my GI and he said no. He said it was for guinea pigs. he wants me to start 6-MP and I do not want to. it seems so side effects and dangerous. any help please? thank you


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I'd suggest to you that you check the lowdosenaltrexone.org website for a list of doctors in your geographical area that prescribe. When I 1st contemplated it, my plan was to ask my GI to prescribe it (after reading the material I gave her), failing that ask my GP to do the same (again, after reading Dr Jill Smith's report), and failing that, consulting via the telephone with a US doctor who is willing to do this (I got his info from the above site), then having the drug shipped from the US to Canada thru Customs (I wasn't even sure if this last resort was possible/legal, but I was willing to find out). Fortunately, my GI agreed, and that action literally saved my life. Guinea pig... well, I prefer the designation worlds largest lab rat, but I'm a happy and healthy lab rat, thanks to a brave, intelligent and dedicated doctor who put her patient first above all else.

The next question you may have to face is.. even if you find a doctor who will prescribe LDN for you, will your current GI continue to see you if you take it? My guess is that is probably a negative. Are you willing to risk losing your GI over this issue? If the answer is yes, then your best bet may be to start shopping for a GI now who will prescribe LDN and stand by you to monitor your progress. Wish I could be of more help.
I am not sure where you are located, but certain naturopaths in BC and Ontario (possibly other provinces in Canada) can prescribe LDN. It has been my experience that naturopaths are often more accepting of ideas like LDN.

You can find a doctor who will prescribe LDN from www.ldnscience.org or by emailing Crystal Nason at angelindisguiseldn@yahoo.com she maintains a list of prescribing doctors worldwide. Just tell her what major city you are near.

You can also just get naltrexone yourself at www.unitecpharmacies.com or www.alldaychemist.com

As for the doctor decision. You can always just not tell your GI. Frankly, if your doctor wants you to do 6mp over LDN I would seriously question his judgement. I'd bet he doesn't know about the latest research that explains why diet is central to the disease. I'd bet he doesn't have you on a vitamin D regimen to get your levels up to 60 - 80.

Let me know if you have any questions. www.crohnsdad.com
Thank you for the replies and info. i am looking for new GI and i have appointment with family physician on monday, she may prescribe LDN for me and work with me. I ordered LDN online in case. my GI said nutrition and diet doesn't matter, eat anything. he is well respected in his field here but very limited in his understanding of crohns.
Diet Matters

I have links to the LDN study results, the Alessio Fasano publications on why diet is at the core of all autoimmune disease, and a series of great articles by Chris Kresser who does a great job of translating it all into English. Print them out and educate your doctor.
alan, my doctor is not interested in education. he is not a student of his profession. i gave hime loads and loads of docs, he didnt bother to read. he said if I did not want to take 6mp and do what he says then i should find a new GI.


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New York, USA
omg..... after reading your last couple of posts rg - I'd be finding a new doctor! Nutrition and diet don't matter??? where did he get any of his training?
funny thing is, my GI is number 1 highly regarded in austin. he has degrees in immunology and gastro. this is why he is so limited. he works with certain drug companies only and will not deviate for many reasons. i alrready knew how important diet was but he said 'no restrictions' food doesnt matter. he is not interested in any protocl other than drugs. will be finding new doc soon. thank you.
my family physician who I saw today said she is very famailiar with LDN and will have it compounded for me anytime I ever need. she is very interested in nutrition and diet and safer non toxic medication. i have naltrexone on the way to mix myself to avoid compounding filler. look forward to it.


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Be careful with making your own compound. I vaguely recall discussion about the shelf life of home compounds being in the vicinity of 30 days or thereabouts. I could be wrong, but I think that was the jist of it. Hopefully those who went the home compound route are still around here someplace and can fill in the holes in my memory. I've never had issues with either cellulose or acidophilus fillers; and even if the compounding pharmacy were to use lactose; it would only affect someone very lactose intolerant. I've found that my made in the pharmacy compound holds it's potency for 90 - 100 days. And, whem making it at home, one has to be extremely careful of the fumes as the drug can be absorbed this way. Which is why only places with hoods can compound this drug.
thanks kev will do. only making 50 mg at a time. enough for about 10 days. stores in fridge, easy to make, no fumes, just dissolving naltrexone tab in distilled water. learned it was ultimately the best route for accurate dose. I may have some tablets compounded for convienence if need.
That's how I do. Put 50ml of water (distilled is best) and one 50mg Naltrexone tablet in the small bottle and let it dissolve with a little time and shaking. Now each ml of water in that small bottle contains 1 mg of Naltrexone. At bedtime shake the bottle, take a desired dose (no more than 4.5ml), chase it down with some water and store the small bottle in the refrigerator. Some people have reported splitting the tablet in half and dissolving it in 25ml of water to assure freshness every week.