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Where to start?

So, I have lots of questions about PG and Crohn's. Do you guys suggest talking to your GI Doc or having them suggest an OB?

I just have so many questions and things in my head, I'm not sure where to turn for answers.

Thanks <3
Hey there! I talked to my GI doc before I even thought about getting pregnant. You might want to consult with both a GI and an OB if you have a lot of questions! I'm not sure if I can answer any, but if you want to ask, ask away!
Hi! Your dr's should be able to advise based on your current condition - with my first pregnancy my crohn's was inactive and stayed that way the whole 9 months, for me my symptoms seem to subside during pregnancy but as you can see from other posts it's not like that for everyone. I can try and help with with any questions you might have ... :)
Hey everyone. Thanks for your responses. I think I'll be putting all of this on hold. Just started a flare up I think. Obviously getting ahead of myself.
Good luck to you! Don't get discouraged. I've been in a flare for about the last 11 years! never once have been in remission. Although I've been feeling pretty bad, the baby is so far healthy and growing just the way she should! I'm staying skinny, but little girl is gaining some weight!