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Whether to wait or not..!

Hi everyone...I would like to get some advice from your personal expiriencies .I have Crohn's disease since 2009.Recently I had a bad flare and after a while I was dx with entheropathic SpA... so my GI and Reymy put me on Humira (I've been on it for almost 2,5 months ).By now,Humira does nothing for my enthesitis but I thought it works quit well for my Crohn's .The last 2 months I'm trying to be on a more like "gut-friendly" diet and it also works well along with meds of course.However,there were 2-3 times I tried to eat something out of " my list",ended up with abdominal pain, gases and even worst diarrheas.If I'm supposed to be in remission,why everything "extra" in my diet makes me feel like that?After so many years living with the MONSTER,I'm not sure whether I should be pleased with my meds or that's the way it goes or if its a slow progress and it will get better week by week or its just the biologic that doesn't work so good for me as I thought.I'm so confused and I don't really know if I have to see my Dr. in order to discuss more medical options (maybe we have to add a second drug to Humira)or I should wait and give more time on Humira for full effect.

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Ds was dx with crohns at age 7 and juvenile SPa at 10.
He was on humira plus mtx for the crohns and arthritis
Humira takes at least 3 months to be effective
Sometimes closer to 6
Mtx takes 3-4 months to effective
SpA is very hard to treat

he did ok on humira plus mtx for years for his arthritis
Crohns was good
Had to switch to Stelara after 5 years of humira
Added Celebrex as well
Now his joints are a lot better but still not perfect
Same with crohns
Very good but there are still some good items that will upset his gut
Yes , Reumy said we should add Mtx for SpA in the next appointment, but most of all because we want to prevent the development of Humira's andibodies .I wasn't convinced for a second immunosuppresant since I decided I'm going to to have a surgery for both my feet for enthesitis (as there is no joint involvement but only tendons-ligaments which is the most difficult to treat ) but now I'm not sure if I have to take methotrexate or not as it works for Crohn's also.The last thing I can bare right now is a new flare in my Crohns .Thanks a lot for your reply!Wishing your son be always pain free!!

my little penguin

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Mtx makes a big difference when it’s combined with a biologic for arthritis
Surgery doesn’t stop the damage from occurring again as far as I know .
Ds has been on mtx plus biologics for 7 years almost going through most of grade school /middle school and now high school without any extra issues
Good luck