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Which formula to use?

Hello all EN veterans,

My son is 10 years old and is going to start exclusive EN next week for the first time (the prednisone doesn't seem to be doing the trick). My question is which formula should we use? We are in Canada and have been given the choice of Boost, Ensure or Modulen. Any advice would be welcome as we are brand new at this.
Hello Twiggy
I am from the UK and so some of the feeds/liquids available are different. My favourite is Resource energy as they have virtually no aftertaste. From reading on here the most popular north american drinks are Boost and Ensure. Modulen has more anti-inflammatory action than Boost or ensure, so if he liked the taste then it would be a good choice.
The key is liking them or he will need an ng tube. Why not get a few of each flavour and see which he likes best and you could always mix and match.
Before I was put on elemental 028, my dietician recommended adding in some modulen if possible because of its extra benefits.
I have never heard of Boost, but between those two I would recommend you Modulen. I've been using Modulen for a while and I feel much better.