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Which wait is the hardest?


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I'm stealing this one from StarGirrrrl, hope you don't mind! I thought this was an excellent discussion topic and it got a bit lost in the massive Undiagnosed Club thread, so I decided to start a new thread specifically for this.

StarGirrrrl said:
So, which one is the hardest?

Waiting to hear if you've been granted a test.
Waiting for said test once you have a date.
Waiting for results afterwards.

I am in 1 and 3 at the moment, I think 3 is the hardest right now!
For me, it's definitely 3. I tend to be a pessimist (or maybe just a realist) so I usually get depressed waiting for test results, but sometimes I let myself get optimistic and go into a full-on fantasy where I not only get a diagnosis, but also rub it in the face of all the bad doctors who said it was IBS or depression, and then have a massive party to celebrate my diagnosis. Of course I'm always snapped back to the real world when I get "normal" test results and go back to being depressed again. I know it's not good to be a pessimist but it seems necessary when you're going through test after test with no answers!

So what do you guys think? Which one is the hardest for you? Or are they all equally difficult?
#1 has been a non-issue for me. To be fair, though, I never asked for any tests, but I can imagine that would be very frustrating. Is this as much of an issue for those of us here in the US? I guess it would depend on insurance specifics.

I hate waiting for the results, too, Cat. Esp the pill-cam. That is cruel and unusual punishment, to have to wait that long. I'm still not sure what in the world was/is wrong with me, though, so when things came back normal, it wasn't a huge deal. The one thing that came back positive was such a shocker to me, and I was really horrified I might have this awful disease instead of what I thought was wrong all along...But b/c of that one test I just wondered about every other result...


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May, for me #1 hasn't been an issue insurance-wise, but there has been some issues lately with my GI not ordering tests for me. The last 2 times I saw him, I reminded him that I haven't yet had MRI-enterography nor SBFT. He said he knows, but he doesn't think it's the right time to do more tests now so he's not going to order them just yet. My insurance would pay for them and I'm all for it, but my GI says not now, and that's that. So #1 could be interpreted a few different ways, depending on if it's your insurance or the NHS or the doctor who gets to decide whether or not you have a test. Waiting on my GI to finally decide I should have more tests, now that's a long wait! I still think #3 is more agonizing, though.

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I'd have to say that #1 is never really an issue for me, as we have great insurance. I suppose it could be though if I run into the scenario of wanting a specific test to be done and my GI disagreed.
Waiting for the test to be done is a pain I think, but it's really waiting for the results that's worse. Although, I tend to live in denial so I am really good at pretending there's nothing going on and forgetting about tests (my own, not my children's...I go crazy waiting on their results ! :ybatty: ).
They're all hard waits, aren't they. I think 3 is probably the one that gets me the most. And I'd probably add a fourth to the list:
Waiting to see if new meds are going to work or not.


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Waiting to hear if you've been granted a test.

I have never had to wait for that. The doc just writes a referral.

Waiting for said test once you have a date.

Have never had to wait long for these as they have always been fairly urgent, so same day, next day or a few at the most.

Waiting for results afterwards.

This has always been the hardest for me. I have never had to wait long, no more than a couple of days but holy cow doesn't my mind go into overdrive! :eek2:

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I'm diagnosed, but with any kind of tests, waiting to get the results is always the hardest wait for me. I have had 20+ skin biopsies (4-5 came back cancerous) over the years and I hate waiting to hear the lab results. I wish it was instant!


I definetly still think its 3! It seems like time slows down! I think it is also really hard because that one result could finally be the evidence to show exactly what is wrong, and that you can finally get the proper treatment.
Can I add...waiting for a doctor...period. I have government aided insurance so I have to go by my pcp referral. Well by the time I was able to make an appointment with him after getting insurance I had to wait an extra 4 months. By that time I got so bad that I went to the ER and was admitted...So I'd say waiting for the doctor...period. Everything else went pretty quickly as the tests were all urgent.


Right now waiting for the actual test is driving me crazy...I just want to get it over with and be done with it! My symptoms are so severe right now that I just want to swallow that pill and get it to show the inflammation I can feel by hand...yes its that bad right now! :(
So what do you guys think? Which one is the hardest for you? Or are they all equally difficult?[/QUOTE]

i think deffo 3 the results waiting part,i feel like im going slowley insane at this stage.i also am quite negative leading up to results as i always seem to know its not gna be the outcome i need and want!:( as living in the uk cant really comment on the granting of the test as we have nhs....sometimes i wish i had money to go private as ive been waiting for these tests to be offered to me..been waiting f0r a year now with no diagnosis still...really ding my head in now...x
All 3 are hard for differing reasons. I'm waiting for the pill cam test but was told there's a six month wait for it over here. That was in October so I've still got 4 months to go :(
For me not having a full diagnosis is the worst bit as you are continually thinking about what test could be next and hoping that the results will for once be positive. Therefore I'd say number two is the easiest of the 3!


As an NHS patient I don't have to wait for an insurance company to approve a procedure so #1 is out for me. #2 can be applicable at times - my consultant wanted me to have an urgent colonoscopy within 2 weeks, instead I have had to wait 6 weeks and its now right before xmas. #3 is the worst wait in my opinion.


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#4 is the hardest - finding out the results are normal and tell you nothing about why you feel so crappy.
For me it is a different number - waiting for something to work! I have felt like a science project at times.

"we don't know exactly what causes this, we don't know why this medication works, but we get positive results for some people." jeez...
As well I have NHS care too but thanks to the Postcode Lottery, and an arrogant surgeon, I have been turned down for 3 tests so far.

Currently I am in 1&2.

I think Carrie #4 is a good one!


#3 for me. Whether it be medical, school tests, or anything else. I HATE waiting to see how I did afterwards. It seems like time actually slows down