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White discharge from healing fistula

Title basically says it all, about 3 weeks ago I had 3 fistulas laid open and drained and have been healing well since I started on HUMIRA and Aza, though one of them has been discharging white fluid but there is no smell or pain, swelling etc. Started a few days before I was due my next HUMIRA injection and the last blood test showed my White blood cell count being slightly elevated. I'm planning on seeing the doctor this week but just wondering if anyone knows if its normal or what?
I would see the doctor ASAP just in case, your concerned about it and a doctor is the person to put your mind at ease.all the best
I agree, you should have it checked out since it is new. Drainage is not abnormal from a fistula even after surgery. Mine have never been dry more than a day. My normal drainage is clear, yellow or greenish. I don't think I have ever had white. If you develop a fever - I would contact the doc right away. Good luck