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White mucus over half-constipated stool

Hey guys. My Crohn's is concentrated in the rectum. For the time being, I have about 1-2 BM's a day, pretty solid, but sometimes loose as well. Occasionally I do see mucus, but not too much.
My BM's for the past 9 months have been weird though. The half end that comes out first is usually constipated (made of of impacted balls), and the last half is usually smooth.
Last night I went to a wedding, and basically indulged in everything, especially sweets. This morning I had a BM and the whole constipated portion was covered in like a spider web style white mucus. I did not see blood but it freaked me out.
Any ideas? I am feeling pretty good for now other than the mucus I saw.



dunno, but usually white poo or pale poo, or white mucus, indicates something to do with the liver not producing enough bile, which is stored in the gallbladder and poo gets its brown colour from this, if there is an obstruction when bile leaves the liver, poo will be white, or have white mucus on it, that's all I know, sorry
I get that all the time. I rarely have a poo that is not covered in white mucus. My doctor always asks me about it. It is a sign of active inflammation. You might want to call your GI or wait until your next appointment to bring it up. I don't get blood either, just mucus.
I also have Crohn's mainly in the rectum and the white mucous is pretty much the norm for me...exactly as you explained it. My GI said that it was normal for someone with Crohn's and I should not be too concerned about it. Are you on any meds?
I am on 3 APRISO pills a day. I mean I see a little mucus once in a while, but lately it has been alot. Very noticeable.
I was told that IBS can cause white mucus too, that it is actually very common in IBS. gastro doc said IBS before it was named IBS was called mucus colitis. I think it can happen in any digestive disease.

I have the mucus alot.. I was worried at one point.. but was informed that its Normal for The Crohns...
IBS can cause mucus too. When I had some white/pale yellow blobs in my stool it turned out to be the probiotic I was taking. Have you started any probiotics or supplements in that time?

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