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Who has lung nodules that are common with crohn's?

I am having a stem cell trasplant but there are some lung nodules with upper right infiltrate. Just don't wan this to be any kind of minor fungus infection and not take care of it before transplant. My transplant team says they are common with crohns and they see them all the time, but a few other docs who dont specilize in crohns say i need a lung biopsy where they cut into me. Just wondering if and how many of you are aware of such things in any of your lung reports? Thanks =)


Get the lung biopsy!!!!!!! I developed nearly fatal BOOP (Broncial Obliterans Organizing Pneumonia) which is an interstitial lung disease. You should take anything with your lungs seriously. I had a lung biopsy and am fully recovered. They go through your ribs so it's not too invasive. I'm not sure how lung nodules could be normal for any one. I've never been told this such thing. Please let us know what you decide to do.
Hmm thanks Amy... I think after that message I might just go ahead with the biopsy. They said the scar was pretty small and not to invasive as you say...

Thank you!


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When I was reading up on everything I could get my hands on after Roo's diagnosis, I did read that lung nodules are a rare, I got the impression very rare, extraintestinal manifestation of CD. Certainly not the we see them all the time type of thing.


I don't have nodules, but I did develop clots in my lungs during my surgery. The surgeon said that it's very common with Crohn's to have these problems....lucky us!!
I wonder if the nodules are the result of Crohn's or immune suppressants used to treat the disease?

I have never heard of this before.



To be more specific. I was on Remicade prior to developing my lung issues. The doctors believe that the BOOP was a result of the Remicade or a manifestation of Crohn's itself. We will never know for sure. Either way it would be a serious undertaking to have a stem cell transplant and then potentially face other complications with your lungs. As you know our immune systems are already fragile. Better to be overly cautious. I hope all goes well.
I have a lower right lobe nodule, but was never informed of it being Crohn's related. I was officially diagnosed with Coccidioidomycosis, a fungal infection, which I guess mainly because it is in California where I was residing at the time. It has never gone away since it was found 4 years ago, and my symptoms have been minimal.