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Whole30 diet

Does anyone have any experience with the Whole30 plan? I'm trying to find something that would work to help lose a few pounds, keep me from being hungry and of course won't cause stomach issues.
I did an "partial30" over the summer.... I used butter which isn't part of the plan so I call it a "partial 30" :)

It worked out really well for me and as soon as I can get organized I'll do another one. I wasn't trying for any specific goal other than overall health - and it did help with fatigue for me.

I haven't been in a flare for years, but I still cooked veggies well.

The whole30 site has an extensive forum and last I checked there was quite a bit of help for doing one with IBD - check under the subforum for health conditions.

Also on the whole30 site check out the threads about fast meals/bulk cooking/etc -- really helps not to be stressed trying to prepare each meal from scratch!

Good luck!