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Why am I so exhausted?

Has anyone else experienced extreme exhaustion? At first I thought it was probably the usual crohns symptoms sapping all the energy out of me, but now i'm starting to think it could be a nutrient/vitamin deficiency? Surely having regular diarrhoea etc. would make your body struggle to hang onto the nutrients from food?
I wake up every morning feeling like I have ran a marathon the day before, my whole body is exhausted and my muscles are sore. It feels like when you have a really bad flu and you're just bed ridden and it seems like such a huge task even just to get up and go to the toilet.
I eat a healthy, mostly vegan diet, so I don't think diet is the issue here, I try to avoid gluten too but it's just too damn tasty and I give in quite often!

I have been out of work because of it and i'm meant to be starting a new job next week, which is night work so I can sleep all day. I need to sleep 10-12 hours a night even to feel rested. I don't even know how i'm gunna be able to cope with work at the moment.
i'll probably go back to my doctor and get some blood tests and see whats going on, but it would be good to hear if anyone else has experienced this and what the problem turned out to be!
Just a thought here but I had horrible exhaustion. Turns out I have a thyroid disorder too and have to take meds. Made a world of difference.
Thanks for your reply Lucy, my dad has thyroid problems and I have had regular tests to make sure I am not suffering with any thyroid issues, as it can be hereditary, so far all results have come back negative.
I think getting tested for vitamin deficiencies is a good idea. Have you had B12 tested before? If I remember correctly, many people get B12 from meat, so as a vegan with Crohn's, you could be extra deficient in it as it is absorbed in the terminal ileum. I'd also be sure to get iron tested.

How active is your disease right now? Lots of inflammation can really make you tired.
A vitamin panel is a great idea. I am happy the thyroid isn't an issue. Trying to maintain an even balance with Hashimotos is a headache too. :)
I can't remember if i've had B12 tests before so i'll go back to the doctor on monday and get that done. I have iron deficiency anaemia, so I already know my iron levels are low but I take supplements for that and I have never felt this exhausted from the anaemia.
Yeah the disease is pretty active at the moment so that is probably a big part of it.
Thanks so much for your help, I needed a bit of an extra push to get myself into the doctors, again! I'm always surprised how helpful everyone is on this website, i'm so glad I joined! :)
I had major exhaustion, muscle aches & arthritis when I was in full flare. I ended up having to eat some red meat to rebuild (I made sure it was lean & organic) as I tend not to eat meat usually, only fish & very occasionally organic chicken. There's a great iron product that's called Floradix too (best in liquid form). For me Infliximab (Remicade) has also worked wonders. Good luck with it & rest whenever you can!
Thanks for your reply! I wasn't aware iron came in liquid form, I am on the tablets and they aggravate my stomach quite a lot, is the liquid any better?
I really dislike red meat and I'm struggling to get anything down me at the moment with nausea and lack of appetite which is just making things worse :( I had blood tests done yesterday for b12 and iron etc so will update with the results in a few days. Hopefully it's just a lack of b12 and an easy fix, I can't take much more of this!
Yep- exhaustion- came back from the doctor yesterday for a script refill etc- told him about the feeling knackered all the time - and he said "of course you are, your body has been fighting an inflammation for a long time, what do expect?" . Spot on. My bloods are good- my diet is really healthy, no vitamin deficiencies, etc. I have a outdoor physical job in the heat. I run out of energy after about 4 hours and really want to sleep. The doctor has been good and says just do what you can do- it can be a long process healing. I'm inclined to think a period of rest would help - but hey there's a mortgage to pay. Also when flaring, sometimes when not, the ache coming out from my old pair of broken collarbones and other breaks and joints hurt like hell.
Thanks for your story! Its quite inspiring that you're doing such physical work with these symptoms, I struggle to even leave the house at the moment, hopefully ill be back on my feet soon enough! I also get that nasty joint pain! There are so many symptoms that you wouldn't even think of coming from stomach problems!
Yeah- I'm mystified at people wanting exercise regimes when all I want to do is rest. It's good for the mental health just to get out- even if i pull the pin on work before lunch - it's good to go out to work. The joint pain is shocking if i spend the 8 and half hours on chainsaws or shovels and bars. The bending down squatting constantly is also a source of discomfort. Something the doctors hadn't considered. Hang on in there and just freshen your head with a gentle stroll to feel good.
Many say that liquid is absorbed into the body better. It's called Floradix by a company called Vitabiotics : )
Also consider getting Vitamin D checked. Low levels can lead to exhaustion and joint pain, along with numbness in the face and extremities. Iron is another good possiblity, especially for vegans. Also as a vegan, do you make sure you get enough protein?
Just had the results back from a full blood count, iron and b12, iron a little low but otherwise normal! Like someone said above, the body is fighting inflammation and no wonder we're exhausted! My diet is mostly vegan due to the fact my husband is vegan, I do occasionally eat meat and if I'm not I always get protein from tofu etc.