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Why Canada is too Clean and IBD


Does Canada's cleanliness have to do with them having the highest prevalence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the world?


Sorry, but I think this link is lacking content-wise. I am sharing this in case you were not aware of this theory, but basically the thought is that the lack of bacteria we come into contact with (compared to our ancestors) makes any bacteria/infection we do pick up much worse as we are not able to cope with them (since we are not used to them).

Any comments on this?


"Canada has among the highest incidences of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease cases per capita in the world"

very interesting.. not sure about the theory on why.. but there has to be a reason its so high here. hope it doesnt have anything to do with crappy weather and bad tv!? lol

it does make me wonder though. maybe we eat badly?


I agree with you on the lack of content, but I do believe in the theory. If you spend sometime researching, CD and UC is pretty much a disease of the G8 countries (industrialised). 3rd world countries have next to no incidence of the disease.

Heres my .05 worth of theory (.03 for inflation)

- We chronnies all have a defective couple of genes (DNA)
- curtain bacteria in our systems - and -
- curtain bacteria no longer in our system -and-
- Excess of sugars in our diets (helps the bacteria grow more rapid) - and -
- Personality traits (stressed, internalise feelings, etc)
= CD

As you know, the current medical thinking is that our Immune systems are messed up. I think the immune system being messed up is a effect, not a cause.

1. Excess bacteria in gut, excess sugar, 98 dec F enviroment = exellent growing enviroment
2. Stress / emotions cause lower gi and immune function
3. Excess bacteria is recognised by immune system and it attacks our gut (TNF-a reaction)

Most CD people I know are sweet freaks (me), and have a problem expressing themselfs when we need to (me).



maybe it has something to do with the map theory and milk consumption...i'm assuming canadians eat a lot of chees and drink a lot of milk...i hope i'm not making an ass out of myself...just a thought


thatgirl said:
maybe it has something to do with the map theory and milk consumption...i'm assuming canadians eat a lot of chees and drink a lot of milk...i hope i'm not making an ass out of myself...just a thought
not sure that we drink or eat any more dairy than anyone else, but Ive also thought about the whole MAP thing.. just doesnt seem to be any one to want to point a finger at a major industry I guess.


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Not sure about the genetic connection.. Seems a lil late in life for my 0ld genes to play a role... As for the cleanliness aspect, sounds plausible but pure conjecture. I have heard the same said about other childhood illnesses.... that the growing use of anti-bacterial soaps, etc., are leaving our immuno systems unprepared for a real battle with real bacteria... and that bacteria are becoming more and more anti-biotic resistant... leaving us to face things like antibiotic resistant form of TB.

I'm a product of the 50's... My kids were born in the 80's. They were subjected to ultra sounds as SOP. Both developed ear infections as toddlers. Both were given anti-biotics as treatment... Anti biotics wipe out bad and good bacteria. Both were prone to the most outrageous breakouts of diaper rash I have ever seen, and since I was the oldest child in a big family, I've seen more than my share of it.
Nothing we tried to cure/treat/prevent this diaper rash (common yeast infection) worked while they wore disposable diapers. Got them into cloth diapers even tho it meant that someone (me) had to wash those nasty things. Got them off of the anti-biotics EVEN tho it meant there were times when I stayed up all nite watching my kids cry themselves to sleep. Between those two changes somehow the cycle was broken... Way I see it, IBD is just out of control diaper rash inside of us... and no one has clued in yet how to break that cycle... My 2 cents worth!