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Why should inflammatory bowel diseases be on the upswing?

Sounds Very good! I sure hope all this leads to a cure! As I said on another thread, With all these breakthoughs I dont understand why we havent found a cure! Not just for Crohns but lots of Illnesses! Not one(1) cure......seems too ironic?????
With due respect, it really is the same old stuff....improve your diet, take supplements, try alternative treatments. All good stuff. What these guys fail to realise is that really sick people with bad guts have trouble in these areas as a result of the illness, not as a cause of the illness!
I was a martial arts, Yoga and T'ai Chi instructor, vegetarian, etc. before getting horribly ill so I know none of this is the main factor, at least in my case. No offence, but I think this basic stuff actually distracts people from finding the real cause.
I think early use of antibiotics is what got me started. The article covers this as well as just about every other theory.

Another interesting theory is that the increase in IBD that has taken place in the last 50 years parallels the increasing use of antibiotics in human and veterinary medicine. Antibiotics can promote the proliferation of toxic bacteria and can make them more invasive. The epidemic-like spread of Crohn's disease over roughly the last 50 years started with the introduction of antibiotics and developed in parallel with an increase in antibiotic consumption. A pair of German scientists hypothesized that Crohn's disease is an infectious disease caused by a mutated form of normal bacterial flora which became a super germ under constant selection pressure from antibiotics. They note that treatment with antibiotics for other diseases can encourage the development of Crohn's disease in susceptible individuals


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I was a tad disappointed to see no mention of genetics. It's omission leads me to thinking, yet again, if my children's CD is genetic then how much control do we actually have over it. Is there something I can do to prevent it from returning or is it a waste of time because it's going to happen anyway. I would like to think that I am doing will make a difference but I just don't know.

I read the theories on what triggers CD and I can honestly say my children don't fit the profile in so very many ways and yet they both have it. This of course leads me to believe that in their case genetics does indeed play a very major role. So again, is anything I do really going to make a significant difference or does nature have the upper hand?

Just musing, :)
Dusty. xxx
I think the answer is a lot simpler.

There are a few researchers that have a fairly high standard of proof that Crohn's is caused by the MAP bacteria that is found in Milk and likely other sources as well.

Some of us have a genetic predispositon or a damaged immune system that does not allow us to rid ourselves of this bacteria. There certainly could be many environmental factors that could cause the immune system problem. We are exposed to things today that never existed in the past, almost too many to nail down any single cause.

Farming has also changed dramatically in that time. Dairy farms are now huge operations, with Milk from many of these mega farms comingled with each other in processing. In the past most people drank local milk from close to home. Now it is shipped all across the country.

Now, one cow that is infected with the MAP bacteria produces milk that is mixed with huge volumes of uninfected milk, which essentialy creates more infected milk that is spread over wider area of the country.

More people are exposed the the bacteria which results in more infections for the vulnerable population.

If only it were that simple - then we'd see the greatest milk drinking countries with the highest rates of Crohn's, but we don't. In fact we see the colder countries with higher incidence of Crohn's (those further from the equator.) And, the rate of increase in illness would be very steep if drinking milk contributed so highly, which it isn't. I for one stopped drinking milk 20 years before my Crohns developed. And, the scientific trials done here concluded otherwise.
The role of genetics has me wondering too, Dusty. There is no history of Crohn's, but my mother, father, sister and other family members suffer from other autoimmune diseases. My GP said that it is common: for close family members to have different autoimmune diseases.


And the verdict is.............................
They just don't bloody well know!
How about we all live in a cardboard box and just don't eat.
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I know the answer!
I'm moving to Japan! Near the sea.
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