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Why your joints hurt if you have Crohn’s disease

Why your joints hurt if you have Crohn’s disease

These new symptoms can explain the link between Crohn's Disease and Arthritis. And why you have joint pain.

New research has uncovered a link between Crohn’s disease and arthritis that can cause joint pain for those affected with the inflammatory bowel disease.

The particular type of pain that was uncovered by researchers is spondyloarthritis that affects the spine and the joints.

The finding, published February 8th 2017 in the journal Science Translational Medicine, can help people with the autoimmune disease understand that their symptoms of joint and spine pain are related to Crohn’s disease.

Symptoms of spondyloarthritis can be varied and confusing. It's possible to experience any of the following:

  1. Back pain
  2. Pain in the joints in the arms and legs
  3. Spondyloarthritis can also inflame the eyes, affect the skin and intesines

Reprinted with permission from EmaxHealth Crohn's Disease.