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My butts not hurting so why am I bleeding after bm's again?!!?! Ahhhhhhhhhhh so confused and pissed right now smh I hate crohns
I think that would mean the bleeding isn't coming from your butt - the blood is likely coming from somewhere else in your bowel - if bright red, likely the colon, darker red would be further up the system. Blood does have some laxative effects, so you may also have an increased frequency.


Are you referring to rectal pain specifically? I've actually never had rectal pain and bleeding coincide. If I remember correctly, you had Crohn's affecting your rectum, but has since cleared up, correct? It sounds as if the Crohn's might be affecting you further up in the digestive tract, unfortunately. :(
Yeah I've always had issues with my rectum and it had cleared up for the most part but today it hasn't bleed at all? Idk this crohns thing is crazy I do feel a raw kinda tender area right inside my rectum maybe another small fissure? Who knows atleast I ain't in pain and the bleeding has stopped for now