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Wife Of A Crohn's Patient


Good Afternoon Friends ... I am KAREN !! Sorry to say that I do not have Crohn's but my dear loving husband of 28 years does & it has been since December 2005 & so I do hope that I can find some new friends here to talk with & to be there for as you all have been there for me.

As I said I am Karen & I am married to a wonderful man & we have 3 children ... 2 boys & 1 girl ( ages 23, 22, 17 ). We live in Ohio and have been here since 1979. I enjoy collecting postcards from all over the USA & OVERSEAS & I also have a collection of teddy bears. I myself my diagnoised with Diabeties 4 years ago so that is what I have to deal with but my husband has always been there for me ... so it is my turn to be there for him !!

If you want to know more about me ... JUST ASK !!


Welcome aboard Karen. I am sorry that your husband has been diagnosed with Crohn's, but hopefully now that the doc's know what he has they will be able to treat him and make him feel better. It is unfortunate to hear that you also have diabeties, but it is good to hear that your husband has been supporting you.


Hi Karen!

So glad you jumped in! I think I could learn alot from you about what it's like for the other people in our lives.

Our kids are the same ages, almost! Mine are 22 and 15 (16 in May). Hope to see you around here a lot. I'd love to get to know you better.

Wow yall are old enough to be my parents, I'm almost 17 in a month. But yeah I am happy that you are taking an interest in your husbands health. I hope you and your husband the best.

Best wishes



Hi Karen, welcome aboard!
I'm sure Diabeties is no walk in the park either. :(
While it is sad to hear that your husband now has Crohn's, now that his diagnosed, treatment can begin!


Jeff, you tickle me...lol. I'll be your "Forum Mom"...lol. I was only your age when I had my daughter. Freaky huh?

JY and Karen, Diabetes scares the beegeezes out of me. It runs in my family and I pray every day that I don't get it. It can be a scary disease.


Thank you to all who welcomed me & to you JEFF I will be your ADOPTED MOM if you like so feel free to call me MOM anytime you like as my daughter is 17 too & is a JUNIOR in HS and so I am here for you !! So, anyone who needs a shoulder to lean on ... I am there for you !!


Mama Crohnie
Hi Karen, very nice to meet you. I'm Deb, It's really wonderful to hear that you and your husband are there for each other. I hope you are both feeling well, and like you... my door is always open. Thank you for your kindness.