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Will A Crohn's Diagnosis Get Me Out Of Jury Duty?

This has not been a good day. I am having a new flare despite being on Entocort for 3 weeks now. I don't see my new specialist until the end of the month( approx 3 weeks), and I just got a letter for JURY DUTY!!

I see my specialist on June 30. My jury duty starts July 14. I have no idea what medication I'll be on or testing I'll be having after that appointment . I am in pain NOW. Trying to make it to see this specialist.

Can my current GI write a letter that will excuse me from Jury duty?

He doesn't know about this new flare so I don't know if he'll have to see me first?

I have to return this summons within 10 days!

What should I do?
I have. I was supposed to do Jury duty a month after I was diagnosed and I still felt awful. It was really easy to get a note!


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I’m not sure what the rules are regarding disclosure but in most cases here a doctors letter stating that you have an illness that impacts significantly on your day to day functioning would suffice.

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I was put on the jury roster, and my GP wrote me a note to excuse me. As it turned out, I didn't get called up anyway. I'm in Canada though.


I think you can return the summons with a picture of your crohns ID or letter stating diagnosis. If they still call you than you can have your GI write a letter. No jury can function with a crohnies bathroom habits.
I'm not sure we get a Crohns ID card in Maryland. My summons states I must enclose a letter from my doctored stating health reasons for me to be excused. So I have to get this letter and then get it all back to the head Jury lady within 10 days of today. Hope I can get this letter quick!
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The crohns card I have is from CCFA and a friend of mine sent it to jury duty and never heard back but your safest best is a letter from your doctor.
You need a letter from any doctor that is treating your current disease that is giving you problems. It needs to state why you won't be able to function, i.e., pain, can't sit for long periods of time, need frequent meals, frequent bathroom breaks, etc.
The letter also said can they provide accommodations for an illness.... I don't think a port-o-potty is going to work in the courtroom..:)


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You told me in your other thread to find this one, as its unbelievable. Is this the thread you were referring to? I'm not sure I understand
Yes this thread Afidiz. It's just that I can't believe in 24 hours I get this flare and have jury duty! It's not enough to try and concentrating on getting through the flare but now worrying about getting out of jury duty. That's all, when it rains it pours.
The one time I was called for jury duty, I was in the hospital with Crohn's related symptoms. It didn't get me out of it, but it did postpone it. Then when I returned for jury duty, it got me out of serving as a juror, but I still had to report/call in every day.

As an attorney, when I was a court clerk, I can say they don't let you cancel your jury duty easily, at least not when I clerked about 15 years ago. You still have to report/call in, but once the lawyers for the case hear that you have an illness that could cause you to need more frequent breaks than usual, they won't choose you.
If you have a doctor's letter explaining that you have a condition that requires you to go to the toilet frequently and without much warning, you should be excused. They certainly wouldn't want you to soil yourself in the jury stalls!
LodgeLady...the port o potty comment was hilarious. On Entocort, as well as other meds for over 8 1/2 months, and still caant get a good handle on things. Your situation is definitely not funny, but the potty comment sure made me smile. (something I needed today). Keep us posted on what they decide. But I would think the dr. excuse would be enough.


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New York, USA
IS this for State jury duty? I would request a postponement if possible, and ask that you be put back into the jury pool.

My husband had a jury summons for town court a few months back, and he was scheduled to be out of town for work - he was able to postpone the duty - and received another summons a couple weeks later lol....for that one, it was County court - and wouldn't you know our daughter got sick as he was dropping her off at school so he had to miss that one too! The clerk was very understanding and just put his name baak into the pool.....

Make sure you tell them you do want to serve when you are able to, and ask for a postponement - it may work.
My doctor just wrote a note on his prescription pad and I mailed that in with my summons. It just stated I was not able to appear due to extended illness. Worked out great in Texas! Good Luck
Good news! I made the call to my GI office and have the letter in hand this afternoon!! I was wondering what he would say (hoping my diagnosis would not be on the letter for privacy reasons). It said that I was seen by their office for chronic diarrhea. That I have chronic abdominal pain and frequent chronic diarrhea for which urgent bathroom visits were needed. It also said I was not controlled by multiple tried medications.

So, will this be enough to get me off jury duty? Is it a good enough letter to get me permanently excused? What comes after this? A letter stating I am excused? Or not?


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Wow...I received a jury notice too.It came in this weekends mail.I have an appointment with my GI before I have to report.
Update: received my excused from serving jury duty letter!!! It did not say permanently but it did say they would revisit my condition should I be called to serve in the future. I hope that's not anytime soon! :)


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I finally got my note from my GI and brought it to the county clerks office.I was excused from jury duty.I was told I may get called again because I'm in the current pool they are drawing from,they use drivers license numbers.I was told to bring another note if it happens.I let my GI know what they said and another note would be no problem.Hopefully it won't be needed.
you will need poof from you doctor that, frequent and urgent toilet breaks are required, you will be able to do jury service provided that the court is happy to break at a moments notice