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Will back mri's help diagnosis costochondritis?

Not officially diagnosed with crohn's yet but doing the round robin of doctors. Now on orthopaedic doc. While I do have some pain in back (lower) also experiencing something that might be costochondritis (pain/pressure in ribs/sternum/lungs).

Was sent to a "back" doctor who refuses to even discuss ribs/sternum but he wants to do upper and lower mri of back + full body nuclear bone scan. As most specialists he was rushing out of the room before I could get a clear answer on if these would help to see and diagnosis any issues with ribs/sternum. So I'm turning to you guys.

Anyone on here know? Should I proceed or find another more general ortho doc? I really really don't want to do these tests and then have to do them again to try to get an answer on ribs/sternum. I have been nucked, poked, scanned, stressed, etc. so many times already.
I have had problems with costochondritis in the past. I would say the mri should be able to diagnose the inflammation in the sternum but is probably not necessary. You probably need to see a rheumatologist to help with your arthritis problems.