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Will Prednisone cover possible bad reactions to food?

Hello! :ysmile:
I was wondering if you guys know whether Prednisone alters the gut reactions when food testing during the introduction phases? I mean, during the first phases of SCD each food needs to be introduced, one at a time for a few days, in order to check if it agrees with us or not... But what if you are on Prednisone? Will the medicine "cover" possible bad reactions? In that case, how can we determine which foods are ok for us and which aren't?
This is so confusing! :ybatty:
Naturally when you are running both at a time you cannot usually tell if it's the diet of the medicine that is helping you.

You will just have to do the elimination now, and after you are off the pred, you may have some other foods to eliminate....

Good luck.
I can't remember where I read it, but yes Pred will alter food reactions, but any immunosuppressive medication will work with the diet.

I think it was recommended that you're taking 10mg of Pred or less so food reactions are not masked.

But how are you getting on otherwise, are the food reintroductions going ok?